Molten is a secure, ultra low cost, OEV protected, layer 2 made for traders. By offering the best experience on chain, Molten is the best place to trade on top of any existing protocol, while protecting the protocols at the same time. Its a win-win for everyone.

Features Molten offers

Layer 2

Fast and cheap transactions while having the securtity of Ethereum. Molten is EVM compatible, meaning any existing smart contract can be deployed on Molten with no changes required.

OEV Protection

Molten offers OEV protection to all protocols that are deployed on Molten. This means that any protocol deployed on Molten is protected from any oracle frontrunning and possible latency arbitrage. Protocols can stop running centralized AWS keepers and call oracles on chain directly, without having to worry about frontrunning. That means faster trades for users, less fees needed to be charged by protocols, and more profits for liquidity providers.

100x Lower Gas Fees

Molten offers 100x lower gas fees than leading Layer 2 solutions. This means that traders can do 100x more trades for the same price. While protocols can also update onchain more often.

Native Account Abstraction

Molten offers native account abstraction, meaning users can pay gas fees in any token they want. This means users can pay gas fees in the token they are trading, or even in stablecoins. This makes it easier for users to trade, and also makes it easier for protocols to onboard new users.