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UniDex is a DeFi platform that aims to provide a hub for traders to access the best rates for their trades within the ecosystem. UniDex will route the order to the best available rate against hundreds of sources & matching orders.

Quick Information

Token Information

Contract (ETH) - 0xf0655dcee37e5c0b70fffd70d85f88f8edf0aff6
Contract (Arbitrum) - 0x5429706887FCb58a595677B73E9B0441C25d993D
Contract (Optimism) - 0x28b42698caf46b4b012cf38b6c75867e0762186d
Contract (Base) - 0x6B4712AE9797C199edd44F897cA09BC57628a1CF
Contract (Fantom) - 0x0483a76D80D0aFEC6bd2afd12C1AD865b9DF1471

Supply - 4,000,000 UNIDX
Circulating Supply - 4,000,000 UNIDX
Max Supply - 4,000,000 UNIDX