UniDex provides a superior swapping experience by utilizing multiple aggregators to optimize routing paths. Our system compares and aggregates orders across various aggregators to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective execution.

We offer 2 different order types for traders

Instant execution

  • Compare prices against 15 other aggregators
  • Any ERC20 -> ERC20 is supported
  • No extra fee is taken
  • Allows for multiple input tokens to an output token
  • Aggregated cross-chain swaps
  • 12 EVM networks

Gasless Batch Auction

  • Aggregated Limit Orders
  • Same quote scanning from 8 different aggregators
  • Potential additional surplus passed to the trader
  • MEV protected
  • Gasless transactions not needing native token (perfect for selling airdrops on new chains!)
  • 5 EVM networks
  • Potential for 0 price impact fills