How does the platform token play into the protocol? This section will give a clear breakdown on how the token is part of the economy behind the protocol.

Protocol fees are extracted from trades and liquidations. This fee is collected and 50% is distributed to token holders directly without staking required.

For example, if the trade is executed on the perp platform. 70% of fees are extracted from the protocol so from there, 50% of the fee is then taken and distributed to holders.


Fee distributions are done automatically by keepers without staking. Holding the token currently is all the user needs to do in order to be eligible for fee sharing.

Fees are collected across ALL products and ALL chains where they are distributed accordingly. This allows UniDex to not fragment any of its distributions and allows us to expand to any chain regardless of usage.

Fee Distributions?

The user can choose a network to receive rewards on, but by default these will occur on Optimism in the form of UNIDX. Approximately every Sunday, the protocol will distribute the fees to holders or when it is gas efficient for keepers to do so.

All holders need to do to specify an output is cast an off-chain vote for their selected output and network. You only need to vote once and the protocol will forever remember your previous vote. Its set and forget!