Important addresses

Fee Wallets

There are multiple implementations of fee wallets that come from a variety of sources. These are unreliable ways to track volume because each one could receive a different fee, origin from the product the fee was taken from, and does not account for transactions that would not have a fee associated with it (such as conversions).


  • MasterFeeWallet (multichain): 0x8c128f336b479b142429a5f351af225457a987fa
  • Deployer/Market Maker/Treasury: 0x2e5d207a4c0f7e7c52f6622dcc6eb44bc0fe1a13
  • Team Fee Reciever (Fee Treasury): 0xfbbe90dd04250b5e789ed9d1bfba2476e524a852
  • Old Team Wallet (early marketing): 0x60DA4b3b53a3cD1aC993091a4dfd3441A68D4181
  • ARB DAO allocation treasury: 0x4aA7E6634D67A49d179Dbfc6F5353dE7a833922e