Intro To Leverage Trading

UniDex offers a leverage trading terminal to not only our liquidity providers, but also to other platforms within the ecosystem. While the platform is currently undergoing an upgrade dubbed V3 to enhance the aggregation engine, orders can still be routed through our liquidity pools in the meantime.
A short list of what's available to UniDex traders and LPs include
  • Trade up to 1000x leverage
  • Extremely wide range of markets
  • Lowest trade fees by trade lifetime
  • Multiple collateral options
  • Aggregated cross-chain orders
  • The most amount of supported trading pairs due to aggregation
Liquidity providers
  • 60% of trading fees paying the pool
  • Highly efficient market making by an automated engine
  • Interest payment on open positions
  • Natural / Organic yield not propped up through the platforms token.